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Greetings Vikings

The 2020-21 school year has begun.    Our mission is to provide your child every opportunity to prepare them for a college or career path after high school. This mission has not changed just because we are in a Virtual Setting. Our staff is prepared to take on this new setting. 

Students’ classes are organized in semester-based schedule.  They will have 4 classes 1st semester and then 4 new classes 2nd semester.  The 1st semester classes take place every day from September 8th until January 29th. This means they only have Quarter 1 & 2 to receive grades which earns them a credit in that course.  Half credit classes will only meet for one quarter (either Quarter 1 or 2).  The school day starts at 8 am. Lunch is between 11am-12pm.  Their 4th and last period of the day is after lunch and ends at 12:50pm.  Instruction from their teacher will take place on Monday, Tuesday Thursday & Friday.

Wednesdays are designed to be asynchronous.  This means they are completing work independently.  This day can also be used as a time for small group instruction.  Wednesdays will change from an asynchronous setting to an instructional day when the school week is a shortened week. Please look at the calendar on this website so you know which Wednesdays are instructional days.

Students are expected to log into their class (through Google Meets) each day. The link to the class will be posted in their Schoology page for each class.   This is how they are being marked present for school.  Teachers will be providing instruction and the assignments in this manner.  Students must submit the assignments so they can demonstrate their learning and earn a grade.  If you have any technical issues, please call the BCPS Help Desk (443-809-4672).

Make sure you and your child are following their progress through BCPSONE.  I want to encourage parents to utilize their BCPSONE account to track their progress and communicate with the teachers.  Schoology is the Learning Management System we use in BCPSONE.  We utilize the call home “Messenger” phone system.  If you are not receiving messages, please contact the office and make sure we have your correct contact information. 

It is extremely important that students stay current with their work.  If there is any issue, please reach out to your teachers or counselor.  I hope everyone stay’s safe, stay strong… VIKING STRONG.


Ken Miller


Lansdowne High

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Vikings of the Month


Each month, students are selected as Vikings of the Month to recognize the way in which they consistently uphold the Viking Code of Conduct - Readiness, Responsibility, and Respect

Here are the Vikings of the Month for May 2021:
Grade 9 - Aaliyah M.
Grade 10 - Luke H.
Grade 11 - Kaylee S.
Grade 12 - Ange Kelly G.

Most Improved Students

We would also like to recognize several students who are demonstrating their Viking Pride in their push for success

Here are the Most Improved Students for May 2021:
Grade 9 - Thang K.
Grade 10 - Justen H.
Grade 11 - Eddie G.
Grade 12 - Suany M-J.

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About US

Inspirational Educator of the Month

Each month the winner of this award selects another member of our amazing staff to highlight for the way in which they exemplify this amazing profession. 

The winners for the 2020-21 school year are:

  • September - Marc Moffitt
  • October -Brian Zeleny
  • November -Jennifer Joslyn-Mahuta
  • December -Katherine Thompson
  • January -Regina Ryan
  • February -Matt Adams
  • March - Louise Loehr
  • April -Rahman Ford-Bey
  • May -Pat Carroll
  • June - ???