Principal's Message

Greetings from Mr. Miller

We are now past the halfway mark of the school year.  I am asking students one simple question, Are You Ready?  This question has different meanings for each grade level.  For the 9th & 10th graders – Are You Ready to earn the 8 credits that you are currently taking in order to move into the next phase of your high school career?  For the 11th graders – Are You Ready to be a senior?  Colleges are looking now, so be prepared. For the 12th graders – Are You Ready to graduate and move on to your new life outside of high school?

Seniors need to start preparing for graduation.  The date is May 29th at UMBC, 2:30 pm.  Students will only participate in the ceremony if they have earned their diploma.  Seniors need to  make sure they are passing their classes, keeping up with any Advanced Path course work, and have all their Student Service Learning Hours completed, as well as meeting the HSA requirements.  The number one obstacle is attendance, so come to school every day and make sure you are ready!!

The Senior Prom is a big event that will be taking place on May 22nd. This year the prom will be held at the Lord Baltimore Hotel.  Students must be on their way to graduate in order to attend (Completed SSLH, completed or wrapping up HSA, & eligible to pass all classes).  The PTSA is sponsoring the After Prom Party.  The PTSA needs your help in giving the students an AWESOME EXPERIENCE.  I would like to congratulate the 143 seniors that have earned a FREE PROM for passing all three subject HSA’s. The JR Prom is on April 24th at Martin’s West.

As we prepare for Marking Periods 3 & 4 we also are preparing for the next school year.  Students have already been registering for classes for the 2015-16 school year.  We encourage students to take on the upper level course work as well as select the electives that will help enrich their academics.  Parallel Enrollment is an option for 11th & 12th graders.  It is a great opportunity for students to attend CCBC, earn college credits, and experience College at half the cost.  The credits that they earn will follow them to any school they choose after high school.

Spring sports will begin soon, and students must be academically eligible.  All student athletes must have a GPA of 2.0 This will also apply to the Fall Sports next school year.  The fourth quarter is the marking period used for the Fall sports. 

We encourage all of you to stay focused and make the best of every opportunity.  ARE YOU READY?  Our goal is for you to say YES I AM READY!!!!!!

Ken Miller


Lansdowne High

Vikings of the Month


Students selected as Vikings of the Month are recognized for the way in which they consistently uphold the Viking Code of Conduct - Readiness, Responsibility, and Respect

The winners for February were:

9th Grade - Jordan Myrick

10th Grade - Amber Geisler

11th Grade - Mary Duvall

12th Grade - Kelly Raynor




Inspirational Educator of the Month

Congratulations to Mrs. Katie Showalter on being named the February 2015 Inspirational Educator of the Month.

Mrs. Showalter is a key part of our English Department here at LHS.  She teaches English 9 and Journalism, in addition to her work with the school newspaper (The Rurik), the literary magazine (Eddas), Theater, and It’s Academic. Wow!

Mrs. Showalter is another of our locals, calling Glen Burnie home, and earning her Bachelor’s Degree in English and her Masters of Secondary Administration at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. 

Katie greatly enjoys the camaraderie among the staff at LHS, and has done her part to contribute to this with her involvement in the social committee for several years.  She has truly made herself an important part of keeping the faculty and staff of LHS working as a team. 

Mrs. Showalter was inspired to become a teacher – specifically an English teacher – because both of her parents were dedicated English teachers also.  Her parents demonstrated the importance of building relationships among faculty, just as they showed immense care for their students.  Katie has definitely taken up these challenges and has followed the example her parents set for her, including her efforts to make the “good’ phone calls home to parents to encourage her students to success.

Mrs. Showalter manages to squeeze all of this in – teaching, extracurricular activities, and relationship building – while also being a wife (to husband Andy) and proud mom of two beautiful girls (Liv – 3, and Tatum – 1).  No doubt that her family is very proud of her and her accomplishments, as are we here at LHS.  It is with great Viking Pride that we celebrate this award for Mrs. Katie Showalter.  Congratulations!