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Greetings Vikings

The 2017-18 school year has begun.    Our mission is to provide your child every opportunity to prepare them for a college or career path after high school. We offer a variety of social events (sports, performances, organizations…) which engage students and provide connections that last a life time. 

ID badges are a requirement and they must have them at all times.  If a student needs a new ID badge, they need to stop by the office.  A replacement badge has a $5.00 cost. 

Make sure you and your child are following their progress through BCPSONE.  I want to encourage parents to utilize their BCPSONE account to track their child’s progress and communicate with the teachers.  We utilize the call home “Messenger” phone system, so please make sure we have your correct number if you are not receiving messages.  You can also follow us on TWITTER @LansdowneViking to see all the great things our students accomplish.

Our Fall Sports are now in full swing and in November Winter sports will begin.  Your child must have a GPA of 2.0 at the end of each quarter.  The report card grades impact the beginning of a season as well as the end of a season.  First Quarter ends October 28th.  That means interims are coming out at the end of September.  

The key to success is based on attendance, it is the number one factor when it comes to graduation and acceleration in academics.  Our doors open at 7:15am & class starts at 7:30am.  With the A/B schedule students need to balance their class assignments, a class only meets 22 times a quarter.

 Students that arrive late to school are late to 1st period.  This has a negative impact on the 1st period class.  Students are not allowed to leave campus unless they are being dismissed early and a parent has signed them out from the office. 

Parents please bring your ID with you if you are:

1. Visiting classrooms, 2. Having a meeting with teachers or guidance, 3. Going to an IEP/ 504 /SST Meeting, 4. Picking up a student to go home early, & 5. Picking up a student from the nurse (go to office first).

This year the senior prom will be FREE for any senior on track to graduate and receives ALL passing grades for Quarters 1, 2, & 3.  Remember students need to meet the HSA, SSLH & credit requirements to graduate.

Please join the PTSA and help us make Lansdowne High the best place for an education.  Working together creates a strong support system to help prepare your child for their future.


Ken Miller


Lansdowne High


Vikings of the Month


Students selected as Vikings of the Month are recognized for the way in which they consistently uphold the Viking Code of Conduct - Readiness, Responsibility, and Respect

The winners for April are:

9th Grade: Makayla Serp
10th Grade: Cing Lun
11th Grade: William Garrison
12th Grade: Gage Mellon

Most Improved Students

We would also like to recognize several students who are demonstrating their Viking Pride in their push for success

The winners for April are:

9th Grade: Eric Munoz
10th Grade: Sierra White
11th Grade: Robbin Arita Mendoza
12th Grade: JaKevia McDuffie

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About US

Inspirational Educator of the Month

Congratulations to Robbie A. Hayes for being named our Inspirational Educator of the Month for December 2017.

Ms. Hayes is our library media specialist, and has an impact on so many people – teachers and students alike – in that role.  Teaching in the classroom, though, was something that she pursued for a number of years before pursuing her Library Science degree.  She taught grades 4 and 5 in elementary school in her hometown of Louisville, KY before transferring to a middle school to teach Library Skills classes to entering 6th graders.  When she moved to our local area she returned to teaching elementary school in Harford County before transferring to Baltimore County in 2011.  Her experience at a variety of levels has served her very well, and she brings a diverse set of skills to the table in her role here. 

Robbie received her degrees at a couple of her hometown schools.  First, she earned her Bachelor of Science degree and Master Degree in Education from the University of Louisville.  Her Library Science degree came from Spalding University, also in Louisville. 

Ms. Hayes has wanted be in a high school for a long time, though her early calling into the field of education began by playing school with her younger brother, teaching him to read and write before he entered Kindergarten.  Specifically, she cites the reward of watching him grasp and learn new concepts.  She always wanted a career in which she could help others. 

Ms. Hayes says that she loves the diversity in our school, and the teamwork exhibited as our staff helps and supports each other.  In her role as Library Media Specialist, she specifically appreciates the efforts of students during lunches, as they work on assignments, read books or graphic novels, check their grades, and especially when they check out books when they leave.    

Congrats again to Robbie Hayes.  We are all very proud of you!  No doubt her three adorable children are proud of her too. Can you imagine how busy she is with all her efforts here, combined with her involvement with her children’s activities – Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, piano, drum, and guitar lessons?  Way to demonstrate the Viking spirit!