Principal's Message

I would like to welcome everyone to Lansdowne High School, home of the VIKINGS.  I am Mr. Miller, the proud principal.  Our staff is committed to provide the best education for your child and help them become college / career ready.  It is our mission to implement 21st century learning skills as well as create a nurturing learning environment.  Together, teachers, students & parents, we can meet success.

There are several new changes that are taking place this school year.  The first big change is the conversion from a 7 period day to a 4 period A/B day schedule.  This means that each student will have a total of 8 classes.  Each class is 85 minutes long.  The students will have a rotating schedule.  On an A day they will have just 4 classes.  The next school day will be a B-day, which will schedule the other 4 classes.  The A-Days & B-days will alternate each day throughout the school year.  One week you could have an A-day schedule 3 times (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and the B- Day schedule 2 times (Tuesday & Thursday). The next week it then would be reversed.  This means ATTENDANCE is more important than ever.  You will only have a class 22 times a quarter. 

Another change is the ID ONECARD.  Each teacher and student will be required to wear their ID during the school day.  This ONECARD will help with the safety of our building, as well as become part of the attendance program.  Students will be required to SACN into the building (just like they did with SWIPE) and also SCAN into each class.  If you forget your ONECARD you will have to obtain a temporary card in the Auditorium lobby.  The cost of a temporary card is $1.00.  If you lost your card and have to get a new card the cost will be $5.00.  This new system is taking place throughout BCPS.

For the returning students we have switched from EDLINE to review grades to ENGRADE.  This site can be found on the new BCPSONE website “”.  Students will just use their login & password they use during the school day to access this site and their grades.  Parents will be receiving directions on how to create an account as well.

Parents we need your help to get your child ready for graduation.  We cannot wait until the 12th grade to focus on this goal.  It must start now, 9th, 10th & 11th.  Please remind your child about the importance of attending school on time and doing their best.  Remember cell phones are not to be used to text messages or call during the school day, even if it is to home.  All early dismissals must go through the front office.  Parents must have ID.  Parents do not forget to join the PTSA.


If you have any questions please contact us at any time, and I wish everyone a great school year.


Vikings of the Month


Students selected as Vikings of the Month are recognized for the way in which they consistently uphold the Viking Code of Conduct - Readiness, Responsibility, and Respect

The winners for March are:

9th Grade - Tha Iang

10th Grade - Cin Sung

11th Grade - Wungun Yu

12th Grade - Aye Khai



Inspirational Educator of the Month

Congratulations to Stacy Drega on being named the June 2014 Inspirational Educator of the Month.

Ms. Drega is an amazingly dedicated teacher at LHS.  She teaches the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program to all high school grade levels, and is a true inspiration for her efforts in the community.  She works with Kids Helping Hopkins, Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, and coordinated our first ever AVID 5k run. 

 Stacy hails from Maryland, and greatly enjoys the rich local history of the area.  Indeed, History is her passion, and she was inspired to become a teacher as the best way to express that passion.  She earned her BA in History at York College of PA, her BA in Secondary Education Social Studies at Towson University, and her MA in Humanities from Tiffin University. 

 After teaching History in her other BCPS assignments, we are fortunate to have her here to teach our AVID program, where she continues to try to bring history alive for her students.  She also teaches the Ancient World course for the Johns Hopkins CTY program during the summers.

 The AVID program is a great fit for Ms. Drega, as she gets great enjoyment out of helping her students.  This program’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.  She finds it especially fulfilling to see her students mature and go off to college in pursuit of their dreams.  Many of them continuously keep her updated on how they are doing, or contact her to ask for advice.  Truly, she has made an impact on these students, our school, and our community.

A true animal lover, Stacy and her husband were married this past November at the Maryland Zoo (complete with a penguin named Tails at the ceremony).  She’ll officially have her name changed over the summer, so look for her as Mrs. Swann next year in our AVID program.

 It is with great Viking Pride that we celebrate this award for Stacy Drega.  Congratulations!