Principal's Message

Greetings Vikings

WOW it is the 4th quarter.  This means we are in the TESTING ZONE.  SAT, PARCC, AP, HSA & finals.  Proms, as well as Awards Assembly and GRADUATION. Congratulations to the class of 2016.  We celebrated their graduation on Friday June 3rd at UMBC.  What a joyous day. 

Now is the time to finish the school year strong and earn your credits.  Jr’s, are you ready for your senior year?  Let’s knock out the Student Service Learning Hours.  The goal is to obtain all 75 hours before the 2015-16 school year begins.  If you are a credit or more below the amount to put you on the graduation track, then you need to sign up for the summer school program here at Lansdowne.  We will be hosting Biology & American Government HSA Bridge Projects over the summer.  If you have not passed the Biology or Government HSA then you have to do the Bridge project.  This is a Graduation requirement. 

If you did not receive all your credits this year or last year, the summer is a good opportunity to catch up.  Lansdowne high is hosting its own summer credit recovery program, Summer School.  You must register for this program through your counselor.  We have limited seats so get these forms in ASAP.  The Lansdowne Summer School program will be moved to the middle school.  This is due to the Window project.

If you are interested in playing a FALL Sports then you must have a 2.0 GPA for 4th quarter.  You quarter grades determine your eligibility for next school year.  Basically no D’s or E’s guarantees that you can play.

Final exams will begin June 10th (Friday).  Final Exams are important to the calculation of the final grade.  If a student does not complete a Final Exam then their end of year grade gets lowered.  This is something we must avoid.   Below is the schedule for the Final Exam Week. 

I want to wish everyone a safe and happy summer and I look forward to seeing you back on Wednesday August 24th.


Ken Miller


Lansdowne High


Vikings of the Month


Students selected as Vikings of the Month are recognized for the way in which they consistently uphold the Viking Code of Conduct - Readiness, Responsibility, and Respect

The winners for March are:

9th Grade: Diona Johnson
10th Grade: Hunter Myers
11th Grade: Charles Saroff
12th Grade: Josh Baney

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Inspirational Educator of the Month

Congratulations to Kelly Grice on being named the April 2016 Inspirational Educator of the Month.

Ms. Grice teaches Spanish II and Spanish III Honors.  An avid fan of being outdoors, Kelly gets valuable time outside by coaching field hockey and lacrosse.  Running is a hobby of hers, and she gets to apply some of that knowledge to coaching indoor track & field.  Needless to say, she’s made herself an integral part of this community through her involvement in so many things.

Ms. Grice was inspired to become a teacher in a number of different ways.  Firstly, she was inspired by teachers in her family – her mother and grandmother.  She also gained valuable experience while she was a high school student.  She tutored ESOL students to help them pass the HSA’s and realized how much she enjoyed seeing them be successful.

She calls Hampstead, Md. her hometown, and she received her Bachelor’s degree from nearby Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania.  Some of her studies included courses at the University of Barcelona, giving her practical experience in the Spanish language and culture.  

When Kelly was asked what she likes most about Lansdowne, she said the following, “I love our students and their joy. Working with students who put forth such a strong effort every day is inspiring. They make coming to work fun. I also love coaching. Getting to know students outside of the classroom and seeing them succeed in other parts of their lives is extremely rewarding.”  Her answer to that question lets everyone know why she is considered to be among the truly inspirational teachers here at LHS.

We count ourselves fortunate to have such a talented and brilliant educator here at LHS.  It is with great Viking Pride that we celebrate this award for Kelly Grice.  Congratulations!