Principal's Message

Greetings Vikings

The 2015-16 school year has begun.  Students are working hard in the classrooms and preparing for their future.  Attendance is the number one factor for being successful.  Make sure you and your child are following their progress through BCPSONE.  I want to encourage parents to utilize their BCPSONE account to track their child’s progress and communicate with the teachers.  We also utilize the Connect ED phone system, so please make sure we have your correct number if you are not receiving messages. 

ID badges are a requirement and must be worn at all times.  If a student forgets their ID badge they can get a temporary badge for the day.  There is a $1.00 cost.  If a student needs a new ID badge, they need to stop by the office.  A replacement badge has a $5.00 cost.

Our Fall Sports are now in full swing.  Your child must have a GPA of 2.0 at the end of the 1st quarter to participate in the closing of the Fall Sports and even try-out for the Winter Sports.  First Quarter ends October 30th.  That means interims are coming out at the end of September.  

The key to success is based on attendance. Our doors open at 7:15am & class starts at 7:30am.  With the A/B schedule students need to balance their class assignments, a class only meets 22 times a quarter.

 Students that arrive late to school are late to 1st period.  This has a negative impact on the 1st period class.  Students are not allowed to leave campus unless they are being dismissed early and a parent has signed them out from the office. 

Parents please bring your ID with you if you are:

  1. Visiting classrooms

  2. Having a meeting with teachers or guidance

  3. Going to an IEP/ 504 /SST Meeting

  4. Picking up a student to go home early

  5. Picking up a student from the nurse (go to office first).


This year the senior prom will be FREE for any senior on track to graduate and receives ALL passing grades for Quarters 1, 2, & 3.  Remember students need to meet the HSA, SSLH & credit requirements to graduate.

Please join the PTSA and help us make Lansdowne High the best place for an education.  Working together creates a strong support system to help prepare your child for their future.


Ken Miller


Lansdowne High


Vikings of the Month


Students selected as Vikings of the Month are recognized for the way in which they consistently uphold the Viking Code of Conduct - Readiness, Responsibility, and Respect

The winners for each grade will be posted here. 
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Inspirational Educator of the Month

Congratulations to George Dunn on being named the September 2015 Inspirational Educator of the Month.

Mr. Dunn is a part of our Business Department here at LHS, teaching keyboarding to our freshmen classes.  He also is a key element of our Special Education Department as the IEP chair, coordinating many of the related meetings and other necessary items related to Special Education Support Services.  In addition, he serves as the head coach for both wrestling and soccer. 

Lansdowne High School is very fortunate to have pulled Mr. Dunn away from his hometown of Pittsburgh.  Although an avid outdoorsman – he enjoys hiking, kayaking, and canoeing – George’s background is not in athletics, but in History, having earned his Bachelor’s in both History and Elementary Education from Thiel College in Pennsylvania.  He followed up his Bachelor’s degree more locally, earning a Reading Certification via his studies at Goucher College.

George was inspired to become a teacher by the way in which his high school Social Studies teacher showed him the importance of doing well in school, and creating more opportunities in life.  His coaches also had a tremendous impact on him. No surprise that he sees teaching and coaching as a way to give students opportunities they may not have realized existed, and thereby impact students’ lives in a similar way to how he was encouraged to continue his education.

It is with great Viking Pride that we celebrate this award for George Dunn.  Congratulations!