Eddas - Literary Magazine

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Eddas is an old Norse/Viking word for saga, or story. Our Eddas is a collection of literary masterpieces from our faculty and students. Each year Eddas is published by the Literary Magazine club and its sponsoring creative writing class.

We accept all types of writing, so don't be shy! We also accept submissions from alumni and faculty. 

If you would like to submit any writing (essay, short story, script, poem, rant, etc.) for the Eddas, please contact the school.

Anything submitted can remain anonymous if you prefer it to be published without your name, but submitted items must have your full real name for verification purposes.


A hard copy of Eddas will be published twice a year at the end of each semester.  They will be available free of charge. A limited number of copies will be printed so reserve a copy by email.